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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Abner Nash to Samuel Huntington
Nash, Abner, ca. 1740-1786
May 25, 1780
Volume 14, Pages 824-825

[North Carolina State Papers, Vol. 72, p. 81.]

New Bern, May 25th, 1780.


I this day received a letter from Governor Rutledge, a copy of which I enclose to your Excellency, also a copy of an intercepted letter from Genl. Clintons' secretary to a German minister in one of our back countries. This letter, Sir, will give your Excellency

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and the Honourable Congress a proper Idea of the distresses of South-Carolina. Should Charlestown fall, 'tis fairly to be concluded from Governor Rutledge's letter that South Carolina will fall with it. This State, then, immediately becomes the Barrier: and I can assure you, Sir, we are in no condition at present to repel such a force as the enemy have. We have about 1,500 militia in South Carolina, and are now embodying four thousand more to march immediately to the relief of that much-distressed State; but 'tis yet uncertain whether it will be possible for us to arm this last aid.

I have an express waiting at Georgetown to obtain a certainty of the fate of Charlestown. When I am made acquainted with this important event I shall not fail to give your Excellency the earliest intelligence of it, being

With the highest respect, Sir,
Your Excellency's most obt.
And Humbl. Servant,
His Excellency,
The Prest. of Congress.


Letter from Gov. Nash, of North Carolina, May 25, 1780.

Read June 5th.