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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Adam Boyd to Abner Nash
Boyd, Adam, 1738-1803
June 03, 1780
Volume 14, Page 834

-------------------- page 834 --------------------

N. East, June 3rd, 1780.

His Excellency Governor Nash.

Dear Sir:

As soon as I got home, I wrote a letter to General Hogun, requesting him to acquaint me with the wants of himself and his fellow sufferers that I might endeavor to supply them. I took the liberty of assuring him that your Excellency would give me all the assistance therein that was in your power. But upon inquiry I find a greater difficulty than I imagined in procuring a conveyance for my letter. The English, I am told, have not a guard between this & Charlestown, neither do I know where any of our troops are. Col. White and others were at Cambden, but I fancy they are by this retired within our State (altho' I got it conveyed to Col. White or Governor Rutledge, there must be a considerable loss of time before it could be sent to General Hogun and an answer returned). As I am very certain our officers are in great want of many articles of cloathing, I submit it to your Excellency if it would not be well to send a flag, either with a letter to know their particular wants, or with such articles as we know they must stand in need of. If a letter could be speedily conveyed, I do not know but that might be most eligible; for, besides learning their circumstances General Clinton's passport, might it even be obtained, this would possibly obviate some difficulties, that might otherways happen. I shall most cheerfully go in with the cloathing, should your Excellency think proper to grant me a Flag; for I think it my duty, as a servant of the states, to do every service in my power; but for that corps it is more especially my duty to exert myself in everything. I shall be much obliged for a line on this subject, & in the interim I shall try to send in my letter. I have a large quantity of paper very fit for cartridges, both small and large; would it not be proper for the Commissary of stores, or some other state officer, to get it for the use of the State,

I am, very respectfully,
Your Excellency's, most obedt. Servt,

P. S. Could it possibly be procured, hard money would be of great service among them.