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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Adam Boyd to Abner Nash
Boyd, Adam, 1738-1803
June 05, 1780
Volume 14, Page 835

-------------------- page 835 --------------------

Wilmington, June 5th, 1780.

Dear Sir:

On my coming here I met with Major Murfree, who told me if he could get indigo he could sell it for hard money. We tried to effect this, but in vain. By all the intelligence I can procure, our officers are in great want of many articles, shirts and stockings in particular. Now were it possible to procure gold or silver, those articles might be had in Charles Town, but I fear that cannot be got; however, an attempt might be made. Should your Excellency think it necessary, I will immediately repair to Newbern to receive your instructions. They must be in distress, and I shall most cheerfully do every thing in my power to contribute to their relief. Col. Washington tells me he will send in a flag tomorrow; by that conveyance I shall write to General Hogun; but in the interim something might be done towards providing them supplies. Major Murfree told me General Hogun's intelligence was that the enemy intended for Cross Creek, and expect to meet their shipping here. The general expected the ships would have been here by this time, but they have not yet been heard of, and the general's intelligence might have been erroneous. I shall wait for your Excellency's commands. And am with all respect,

Your most obedient Servant,