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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Charles Armand Tuffin, Marquis de La Rouërie to Abner Nash
La Rouërie, Charles Armand Tuffin, marquis de, 1751-1793
June 04, 1780
Volume 14, Pages 835-836

To His Excellency, A. Nash, Governor of North Carolina, public

Wilmington, June 4th, 1780.


I have been honoured this Evening with your letter and Com mand, and shall obey them as far and as exactly as in my power.

At my arrival here, the remains of Pulaski's Legion, which makes a part of mine, were entirely unfit for service, having no arms nor horses nor accoutrements. As I expected such movement of the enemy as they now are on, I have made all haste in my power in enabling those men to march; and I expect that, if not

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the whole, at least a great part of them, will be equiped well enough to march with the rest of the legion at all events; you may depend upon my marching where directed by your Excellency as soon as Mr. Hawks shall arrive here. I beg leave to tell your Excellency that, notwithstanding the movements of the Enemy towards Crosscreek, it could be in their plan to march to this place, where, as I am sensible of, they will be joined by a number of disafected. I give your Excellency my most respectful thanks for the money you are pleased to supply us with; no doubt but it will have a good effect on our men.

With the greatest respect, your Excellency's
The most humble, obedient Servant,