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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Return of British casualties at the Battle of Camden, South Carolina
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Volume 14, Pages 868-869

[A. & W. I., Vol. 156.]

Camden, August 21, 1780.

In a Letter from Lord Cornwallis, dated Camden, Aug. 21, 1780, to Lord George Germain, giving an Account of a compleat victory obtained on the 16th Instant by His Majesty's Troops over the Rebel Southern Army, Commanded by General Gates, is enclosed—

-------------------- page 869 --------------------

A Return of the Killed, Wounded and Missing of the Troops under the Command of Lieut. Genl. Earl Cornwallis, in the Battle fought near Cambden, South Carolina, on the 16th Aug., 1780, in which is mentioned 3 Rank & File Killed, Lieut. Col. Hamilton, Lieut. McAlpine, Ensign Shaw, 3 Sergeants & 8 Rank & File Wounded.

N. B. There are no Muster Rolls of the Provincial Companies in the British Public Record Office, but all the Muster Rolls of the British Regiments (being Regular Troops) are preserved in that office after 1760.