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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Horatio Gates to Abner Nash
Gates, Horatio, 1728-1806
July 19, 1780
Volume 15, Pages 3-4

[Letters Genl. Gates, 154, Vol. 2, p. 218.]

Hillsboro, 19th July, 1780.

The Deplorable State of the Commissary and Quarter Master's Departments, and the intire Deficiency of Magazines to Supply the Southern Army, Oblige me to Request General Huger to be the Bearer of this Letter; His zeal for the public Service anticipates

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my wish that he would be my Advocate with your Excellency, & the Executive Power of this State to Supply our Wants by immediately establishing Magazines of Provisions and Forage, and properly Organizing, the Q. M. General's Department; unless these things are done, an Army is like a Dead Whale upon the Sea Shore, a Monstrous Carcase without life or Motion; to be particular in representing the Exact State of the Two Departments, & how much each wants of its due Supplies, would Fill a Volume. General Huger has seen and known them all; To Him I beg leave to refer your Excellency & The Council for more Minute information; Can I hope that Our Distress would move you to come for some short Time to Hillsborough, your appearance may Operate advantageously upon the Spirits of the Militia, as well as be immediately necessary in establishing a System of Supplies. With proper Exertions I have no doubt The Enemy might be confined to Charles Town, & Finally Expelled from thence; but on the Contrary, should inactivity or Neglect Continue, Their hateful Influence must be Fatal to the Army & Ruinous to the Southern States. Before I Finish my Letter I must request your Excellency will use your Utmost Endeavours to Supply 700 Tents for the Militia of your State; Virginia has promised instantly to forward a proper Number for her Troops; the indispensable necessity for this Article is too Striking to need any reasoning to enforce it. I have received no Answer to the Letter I had The Honour to write your Excellency from Richmond. Genl. Huger takes with Him the Demand I have upon your Excel'cy from Congress, as well as that upon Virginia. I wish the circumstances of your Treasury may be such as to Enable you to Answer Both. The General will acquaint your Excellency with the Reasons I was not paid the Draught upon the Treasury of Virginia.

With Sentiments of the Highest Esteem & Regard,
I am, Sir,
Yr. Excellency's most obedient Humble Servant,
His Excellency Governor Nash.


Copy of a Letter from Genl. Gates to His Excellency, Governor Nash, Dated Hillsborough, 19th July, 1780.