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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Benjamin Seawell to Abner Nash
Seawell, Benjamin, 1741-1821
July 26, 1780
Volume 15, Pages 8-9

-------------------- page 8 --------------------

Wm. Betts', Wake County, 26th July, 1780.

His Excell'y Abner Nash, Esqr., Newbern, from Col. Benj. Seawell, fav. by Mr. Locky.

Your favour by Mr. Jones, the Express, came to hand accompany'd with fifty Thousand Dollars. You mentioned that you had already furnished Gen. Eaton with 40,000 Pounds, Colo. Hart of Edgecomb £10,000; that sum, added to the twenty thousand furnished me, amounting in the whole to £70,000, you supposed must be a sum sufficient for Halifax District but, Sir, I am convinced you never made a calculation of the matter; as, for Instance, seven hundred Troops is rais'd in Halifax District, 400 of which is drafts. Their bounty, at 150 dollars each, is 60,000 dollars, 300 Volunteers at 300 Do. is 90,000 Dollars amounting in the whole to 60,000 Pounds, which is within ten thousand pounds of the Sum already advanced. I am made acquainted with the appropriation of the money Gen. Eaton Rec'd., & can inform you he has applied the whole to the public use; & yet the Warren, No. Hampton & Nash men have not rec'd a shilling Bounty; & this, Sir, is owing to the enormous sums the Commissary & forage Masters have been obliged to give for Provisions, &c.; and as the men from those Counties who have not rec'd their bounty make very heavy Complaints, alledging that they were assured when they marched from these Counties, and arrived at the place of Gen. Rendesvous, they should receive their bounty; but being disappointed by the bad Conduct of these County officers I am Authorized to assure you that the men are fit to mutineer & Return home, & I am convinced they never will march Out the State unless their bounty is paid. I have us'd my Endeavours to reconcile them by Promising that I would state the matter to you &, if Possible, get their bounty, for which purpose I've sent Mr. Christopher Lockey, the Commissary to my Regt., to fully inform you of the matter, & if Possible to get the money. I am convinced, Sir, you can easily determine the fatal consequences that wou'd Ensue in case of a mutiny among the troops; and I do defy any officer, let his address and influence be Ever so great among the men, to Prevent

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it if they are forced out of the State without their bounty. The men are fine men, full of spirits, Exceedingly willing to march if they can only receive the bounty they were promised, & I flatter myself, under God, with doing much good if the troops can only be treated as the Law Points out. Therefore I hope that you, Sir, will consider the matter, & furnish me with the bounty for 282 men, one-half which is Volunteers,

And with due respect,
Your Excellency's mo. Obedient Servt.,
His Excellency the Gov.