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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Advertisement concerning the sale of imported goods [as printed in the North-Carolina Gazette]
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August 07, 1778
Volume 15, Pages 21-22

[North Carolina Gazette, August 7, 1778.]

Imported in the last vessel from France, and to be sold at public vendue on Tuesday, 2d September next, by Savage & Westmore at Edenton for cash, or tobacco at the market price, to be delivered at Suffolk or South Quay, the following large Assortment of Goods:

Superfine and seconds, scarlet, white, blue, brown and drab cloths, narrow cloths and serges of different qualities and colours, black tamini for breeches, ready-made cloth jackets and breeches, quality binding, fine and coarse white linens, Britannias, Russia and other sheetings, oznaburgs, check linen and handkerchiefs, ready made shirts, cambricks, calicoes, chintz and cottons in pieces and gown patterns, fine tambour waistcoats, gauze of different qualities, gauze handkerchiefs, a large assortment of black and white blond lace, silks in pieces and gown patterns, ribbons, black and white silk stockings, thread, cotton and worsted stockings, men's and women's shoes, white and coloured thread, writing and printing paper, sealing wax, wafers and quills, black lead pencils in cases, gold epaulets, ostrich feathers and sashes for officers, sword belts, an assortment of hardware, table knives and forks, pen-knives, razors, scissors, &c., &c., files, needles and pins, gilt and horn buttons, paper snuff boxes, looking glasses, and combs of different kinds, glass and earthen ware, pipes, fine and felt hats, tea in cannisters, black pepper, cotton and wool cards, steel, French brandy in hogsheads, quarter cask and three gallon kegs, claret in hogsheads, claret in bottles, Fontenac, Malaga and Muscadel wines, &c., French liquors of different kinds, and scented waters, orgeat in cases of 12 bottles each, hair powder in pounds, raisons in small boxes, currants in casks, ratisea in cases of 12 bottles each, cappalaire in ditto, essences in different qualities, linseed and olive oil in cask, fine Florence oil in cases of 12

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bottles, anchovies in ditto, olives in ditto, capers in ditto, truffels in ditto, olives with anchovies and capers, fruit preserved in brandy, white sope in boxes, mould candles in boxes, manna in boxes, senna, jalap, Jesuit's bark, glauber and epsom salts, sarsaparella, sail duck of different sorts and qualities, cordage, &c., &c., &c.