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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from John Patin to Abner Nash
Patin, John
August 09, 1780
Volume 15, Pages 22-23


Pasquotank County, 9th August, 1780.

Dear Sir:

I take this opportunity to inform your Excellency that when I wrote you before that I was in a bad state of helth. I had been almost at the point of Death, but seem to be somthing on the mend at that Time, but still have Constant feavers, and a fever fell in my leg, which renders me quite incapable of any Duty in the Army of Else where at this time; but if I am able to march the men at the Time they can be in Rediness, I will doe it with all Possible Expedition Emagineable, and, Sir, if I am not able at the Time They march, I should be glad to now your opinion on the Case. There is a man which is the olds Capt. in the County wold

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take the command of them at the Time if I wan't able, whos name is Thomas Reding, by your Consent Mr. Lynn can tell you what a condition I am in at this Time, for I don't make wors of it than it rely is, for I am as well a wisher to my Country as any man, and would doe all in my power to serve my Country. There wants three Captins' Commissions, Three Lieutenants' Commissions and fore Ensigns', which please to send by Mr. Lynn, and you will greatly oblige.

I am, Sir,
Your most obedient & Humble Servant,
JOHN PATIN, Lieut. Colo.

N. B. The officers that is to goe out now wants their Commissions.

J. P.