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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Benjamin Hawkins to Abner Nash
Hawkins, Benjamin, 1754-1816
August 24, 1780
Volume 15, Pages 63-64


Aug. 24, 1780.

Dear Sir:

We have had the unfortunate defeat of our Army near Camden too well confirmed to admit a doubt to the contrary. It is also reported and believed that we have lost all our Waggons and Baggage.

I have in consequence thought proper to have a list taken of all the waggons in this County and the Vicinity of it, and shall immediately send round to all the principal farmers, requesting them to furnish their proportion of Horses for the same. I shall send the proportion round to them and have a return by Monday.

This I conclude to be the only practicable method in our

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present situation. I believe we are all whigs, and I hope we shall not complain at complying with any requisition for the good of our country should it be greatly more than our proportion. I am impatient to be well, and anxious for to be doing what I can for the common good.

Pray command me freely in every thing that you judge proper. I repeat, I am entirely devoted to your service.

I have some young men here who would gladly execute any command from your Excellency.

I have collected the courses and deeds for your Roanoke land, but decline sending them, as I suppose you will be too much engaged to attend to it. I will have a plan of it taken here.

I am, with respect, Dear Sir,
Your Excellency's Humble Servt.,
Gov. Nash.