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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Message from Abner Nash to the North Carolina General Assembly
Nash, Abner, ca. 1740-1786
September 04, 1780
Volume 15, Page 68

-------------------- page 68 --------------------

Referred to the Comm. app'd. to take under con. the Resolves from Congress.

Messrs. Coor, McLaine, Davis, Bryan, P. Hawkins, Green, Smith, J. Williams, Winslow, Wilson, J. Hawkins,
To the Honorable the General Assembly.

In providing magazines for the support of the army, I wish to call the attention of the General Assembly to an Event which, it is more than Probable, will happen—I mean the arrival of the French on our Coast to co-operate with the Land forces in the Southern department. Of this I have had no official accounts, either from our Delegates or the Pres. of Congress. The channel through which I have my intelligence of them is such as does not admit of any further explanation at this Time; and, Gentlemen, if this desirable Event should take place, as I have reason to believe will, we ought to be in readiness to answer any demands of supplies that may be wanted by our Friends and Allies, and I confide in the wisdom of the General Assembly to make such provision as may be thought necessary in such Emergency. I have also the honour to lay before you, Gentlemen, a Letter which I rec'd from Mesrs. Brier Walker & Craik, respecting a quantity of Goods in their hands, the property of a certain Thomas Buckle, and which I had ordered to be seized and detained until the sense of the General Assembly should be had thereon. I conceived that this Buckle had forfeited his effects by his criminality in signing an address to Sir H. Clinton at Charlestown, the Particulars of which I am ready to give an account of to such Gentlemen as you will be pleased to appoint for that Purpose.


Sept. 4, 1780.