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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Richard Cogdell to Abner Nash
Cogdell, Richard, 1724-1787
September 04, 1780
Volume 15, Pages 68-69


New Bern, 4th Sept., 1780.

To His Excellency Abner Nash, Governor of North Carolina.

The inclosed I rec'd on Saturday last by post, which made it

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necessary to send Express, as they may contain matters of consequence which you would chuse to lay before the Assembly. I also send you your last Neuse papers, & I have the pleasure to inform your Excellency that the private Ship of war, Gen. Nash, has brought safe into Port at Cape Fear two Valuable Briggs—prizes—one from a Port in Scotland, with the best assortment of every necessary. I have seen the Invoices of both prizes, the one from Scotland £10,800 prime lots sterling, the other from St. Christopher, with Rum and Sugar and many other valuable Articles, to Amt. of £40,000. Both were bound to Augustine or Charles Town. The best prize was taken four days after the ship got out to Sea, the other in a day or two after, about 12 leagues from Charles Town Bar, without firing a gun. As Cape Fear is not a safe Harbour, Contrary winds drove them in, but Capt. Deshon is gone to convey his prizes into Ocracock or Old Topsail. Everything that can be named for the use of the Army is on board; 300 bls. Flour, besides the Invoice.

I have the honour to be
Your Excellency's obedt. Servt.,