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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Michael Gorman to Abner Nash
Gorman, Michael
September 05, 1780
Volume 15, Pages 71-72


Newbern, 5th September, 1780.


I took the liberty of addressing you a few days ago by Col. Leech, then bound to Hillsborough, but since returned, his horse having met an accident near Kingston. This day arrived Capt. Church, in a vessel belonging to Doct. Guyon & others, from St. Eustatia. By her we are certainly informed that 7 British frigates have cut out of the Road of St. Martin's 2 Ships of 20 guns, 2 Brigs and 2 Schooners, and sorry I am to hear the Sally & Betsy is of the number. However, this Event took place after she had landed & sold the whole of her job. (So much safe,) but the Lumber was on Board and lost. Capt. Gurling went to St. Kitts to purchase her again.

Stanley's Ship has arrived in Wilmington & bro't in two Armed Brigs, one from Grenock, in Scotland, with the most valuable Cargo ever imported into this State, & a Genl. assortment; the other from St. Kitts, with dry goods, Rum, Sugar & Fruit.

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Stanley is gone to Wilmington, & I expect the vessels here every day. It hurts me that we are doing nothing with our Brig, & in want of nothing for the outfit but Cordage. However, there is now in these prizes a large Quantity of Cordage, & I beg you will urge & make it a point with Mr. Hawkins to give directions to some person to purchase that article; or, should he think proper to give me an order for money, I will do the needful in his Behalf. I shall have many matters to purchase that will sink all the money I can muster against the Sale. I am sorry Mr. Hawkins does not join me in opinion respecting the large ship. Stanley now has Canvass and Cordage for two such, & between them she might be soon ready for Sea. She w'd be a Compleat European Vessel. Our trade to the West Indies, I think, is at an End, at least to Windward. I wish you could lend me your assistance in recommending the matter to Mr. Hawkins. You may depend the Outfit may be Effected Expeditiously.

It has been proposed in town to petition the Assembly to have the ship purchased for the defence of this River, to be Stationed near Hanging Point. She w'd then command the Channel Effectually & be a protection for the Men, from which they c'd not make a Shameful retreat from the fort. They might, & I really think they w'd. Sho'd Mr. Hawkins totally decline my offer, I w'd rather dispose of her in this manner than undertake her Outfit between Stanley & me alone. I sho'd be happy in having a line from yr. Excellency on this subject per return, & beg your attention to Mr. Hawkins respecting the purchase of this Cordage. The Brigs have 14 guns on Board & large Qy. Ozanburgs & their Canvass. I hope to hear matters wear a more favourable aspect at Camp than is here reported,

& am, respectfully, yr. most Hum. Servt.,

In the Prize from Scotland a large Qy. of bottled porter, 150 Hampers of Cheese, (Eng.,) a large Qy. of Teas & Sugar, all sorts of Drygoods and hardware, 3 or 400 bolts of Canvass, a large Qy. of Oznaburgs, Claret, Red port, and Old Hoe Sadlery, &c., &c., to the Amt. of £15,000.

My compliments to Mr. Maclaine.