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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from John Williams to Abner Nash
Williams, John, 1731-1799
September 07, 1780
Volume 15, Page 77


Granville, September 7th, 1780.

Dr. Sir:

Received yours of the 5th Instant, by which I conceive you are under some apprehension from the Indisposition of your family. I think you need be under none on that account. From the children's present appearance, they seem much better than when Mrs. Nash wrote you last, and I hope will continue to improve. Master Frank can already swear a pretty round hand. Any thing that Mrs. Williams or myself can do to oblige both Mrs. Nash & your self will be done with the greatest cheerfullness, and consider it a pleasure that we have it in our power to oblige you and your family rather than any sort of incumberance upon us.

As in your letter you make no mention further of a Court of Oyer, I presume it is thought the Hillsborough term so near at hand as to make it useless; yet in that case surely the Assembly means to pass some act Impowering the court to try offenders for offences committed without the District. Should a Court of Oyer be thought of, I shall be ready at all times to attend wherever your Excellence or the Assembly may think proper to Direct, and shall Depend upon you for immediate instructions.

Col. Buford's Troops, abt. 300, as the officers say, very well armed, passed this yesterday, and I presume will be at Hillsborough this week.

I am, with all Esteem, Dr. Sir,
Your Ob. & very Hble. Servt.,

Col. Henderson last evening I think seemed a little better.

His Excellency Gov. Nash.