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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Robert Cochran and Edward Winslow to Abner Nash
Cochran, Robert; Winslow, Edward
September 19, 1780
Volume 15, Pages 79-80


Upper Campbelton, 19th Sept., 1780.

To His Excellency Abner Nash, Governor, &c.

At the request of a number of our Constituents, we beg leave to represent to your Excellency That, by the removal of Colonel Philip Alston to a considerable distance from Cumberland, and the resignation of Lieut. Col. Matthews, The Offices of Colonel and Lieut. Colonel of the Militia are at present vacant in this County; and as we have reason to apprehend that any doubt or dispute about Rank or Precedency, at this critical period, might be attended with confusion, and even Danger, to the peaceful Inhabitants of Cumberland, we have to request That you would be pleased to nominate two Gentlemen to fill these Offices during

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the Recess of the Assembly. At the earnest desire of many, and indeed of all our Constituents whom we have Conversed with on the Subject, we take the liberty of recommending Major James Emmitt as the properest Person in this County for Colonel. His general good Character, his experience of Military Affairs, and his steady, spirited and uniform Conduct during the whole of the present Contest, all conspire to entitle him to such a Command.

Under his direction we have reason to believe that the Militia of Cumberland might be induced to render more essential Services to This and the United States than if headed by any other Person. Fond of the Man, and confident of his Abilities, They would gladly undertake & cheerfully execute every order he issued. Major Emmitt, who is ignorant of this application, (should he meet with your Excellency's approbation,) We are certain will be deficient in no part of his Duty; but as he has been unaccustomed to a regular Army, and of course to Officers well acquainted with their Trade, We presume he would be the properest Person to recommend a Lieut. Colonel for your Excellency's approbation. At no period of the war did this County so much require Men of Abilities, Experience and Perseverance as at the present; but even these virtues, unless they are assisted by Unanimity among the superior Officers, will not avail.

The appointment of Major Emmett to the Command of the Regiment, with a Lieut. Colonel he should approve, we really believe would be attended with numberless good Consequences; and therefore we sincerely join with our Constituents in praying that your Excellency may be pleased to grant the Requisitions contained in this Letter.

We have the Honour to be,
Your Excellency's Most obedt.
& very humble Servts.,