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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Joseph Gibbs to Abner Nash
Gibbs, Joseph
October 04, 1780
Volume 15, Pages 97-98


State No. Carolina, Hyde County,
Mattamuskeet, October 4th day, 1780.

This, my Humble Redress to His Excelance, Desiring of his Exalance that if he has received a petition Touching My Caracter of not receiving My Commition by Senniority, I beag to have a Hearing aGreeable to Law for my rise, and allso for My Conduct in office, and not to be turned out by a fue desined persons, for it is in my power to prove I had my Commition both by rise and allso by the Voice of the Company, which is well known by all the officers in the bove said County that the Man recommended by a fue Indevegals never bore any Commition in hyde County in the Militia, only had a Commition granted him in actual serves,

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which I am able to make appear if his Exalancey will be pleas to grant me that Libberty, if the petition hath bore any wate with his Exalance above mentioned.

Pray Excuse my Heast.

Your Moust obedient and Verry humble Servint,

N. B. And that if his Exalance Hath Granted a Commition, that I may have a Rehearing a Greeable to Law.

To His Excellence Governor Nash.