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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Andrew Armstrong to Thomas Burke
Armstrong, Andrew
December 15, 1780
Volume 15, Page 180

-------------------- page 180 --------------------

Taylor's Ferry, December 15th, 1780.

Dear Sir:

A few days ago I met Mr. Porterfield on his way to Philadelphia, which prevents the Necessity of my delivering your letter to Mr. Mallett. I understand (providing he receives Money equal to the purpose) he has full instructions to purchase your place. I thought best to let you know, that you might govern yourself accordingly.

I think it may be depended upon that Tarleton's light Horse attempted to surprise Sumpter, and was repulsed with considerable loss. When you leave Congress, (if you are in Cash,) I would be much obliged to you if you buy me as much Cloth and trimmings as will make me a Coat and Jacket, and let your Servant bring it home, or send it by some Waggon, as the places where I have been affords nothing but the worst of substitutes. I pay no regard to the Colour; only let the Cloth be good. I am now getting some Sugar and Coffee taken to Hillsborough, where Mrs. Burke shall have what she may have occasion for, and if there is any apparent Necessity you may rest assured that I will pay all the attention to your conserns that is in my power, but I now begin to think that everything in our State will be undisturbed untill your return. If you see Colo. Hart you may inform him that I am convinced I could not serve him so much any other way as by doing nothing for him. I will be more explicit to him by Colo. Rochester, to whom I will deliver his Gold.

I am, Sir, with respect, your Servt.,
The Honourable Thomas Burke, in Congress, from Andw. Arm strong. Favd. by Col. Carrington.