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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Report by a committee of the North Carolina General Assembly concerning instructions from the Continental Congress
North Carolina. General Assembly
April 24, 1780
Volume 15, Pages 197-198



24th April, 1780.

The Committee for taking into Consideration sundry dispatches, Resolutions, Letters and papers from the Continental Congress, report for the present as follows:

Your Committee having Considered the Resolution of Congress of the 18th & 20th of March last, are of opinion the mode therein recommended is Eligible, and would answer Salutary purposes by reducing the quantity of Continental money in Circulation, but at present it appears impracticable for this state to carry the same into immediate Execution.

Your Committee have further considered a Letter from the president of Congress, inclosing a Resolution of that body of the 9th March, requiring the several States to furnish forth their respective quotas of Troops for the Current year, and are of opinion and recommend that 3,000 Men be immediately raised for three years, or during the war, by voluntary Enlistment for the purposes aforesaid, at the Expence of the whole State, and that each County be required to raise their respective portions according to the Number of Militia Men in that State, And for inducing volunteers to turn out in the Service of their Country your

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Committee recommend that a bounty of 500 dollars be given to each man yearly, and every year, during the Term of three years, And at the expiration of the said three years, or on the conclusion of the present war, such volunteers respectively so Inlisting and serving faithfully as Soldiers shall be entitled to receive from the State a prime Slave between the age of Ten & Thirty years, and also one hundred acres of Land on the Western waters, adjacent to the Land appropriated by the Commonwealth of Virginia for the Soldiers of that State.

Your Committee further recommend purchasing Commissaries be appointed in each district of this State for supplying provisions for the Militia to be raised.

Your Committee report as their opinion that a sufficient quantity of Money be Emitted, and that the faith of this State be pledged for the redemption thereof.

Your Committee recommend that a Taxation Bill be brought in & passed this Session of Assembly, and that the Tax for the Current year be Eight pence in the pound, one-half to be paid at the end of six months, the other half to be paid in two equal payments, Comprehending the other Six months.



In the House of Commons, 24 April, 1780.

The foregoing Reports were read, &c. Concurred with.

By order,
J. Hunt, C. H. C.

In Senate 24 April, 1780.

Concurred with.

By order
JNO. Sitgreaves, C. S.