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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Resolution by the North Carolina General Assembly concerning district commissioners of provisions for troops
North Carolina. General Assembly
April 29, 1780
Volume 15, Page 200

State of North Carolina,
In the House of Commons, 29th April, 1780.

Whereas, it is represented to this House that a large quantity of provisions remain in Sundry Stores in this State in a perishing Condition;

Resolved, That William Bennett or Wm. Gardner for the district of Edenton, James Bloodworth for the district of Wilmington, Nathaniel Rochester for the district of Hillsborough, Hardy Bryan for the district of Newbern, William Wooten for the district of Halifax, and Joseph Dickson for the district of Salisbury, heretofore appointed Commissioners in the respective districts in this State to purchase provisions for the Army in January, 1776, and all other persons who may have public provisions in their care at this time, be and they are hereby required to Overhaul all the Pork and Beef which they respectively purchased, and such as may want repacking, to cause the same to be repacked, and that they make an exact return as Speedily as may be to His Excellency the Governor of the quantity in their hands respectively, distinguishing such as may be good from the Bad.

Resolved, further, that the said Commissioners shall be allowed such sums of money for Salt necessary in repacking the said provisions as they may expend, also their Expenses & trouble, and that His Excellency the Governor be requested, when such return shall be made to him, that he appoint some person or persons to dispose of all the pork & Beef which may be reported by the Commissioners to be had, for the use of the State.

By Order,
J. Hunt, C. H. C.

In Senate 29 April, 1780,

Concurred with.

By Order,
Jno. Sitgreaves, Ct.