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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Petition from inhabitants of Cumberland County concerning the county government
Rowan, Robert; Mallett, Peter, 1744-1805; Et Al.
Volume 15, Pages 209-211


To the Honorable the General Assembly of the State of North Carolina.

The Petition of the freeholders and inhabitants of the County of Cumberland,

Humbly Sheweth

That the village called Cross Creek, within the Liberties of Campbellton, has within a few years increased in a rapid manner, insomuch that there are one hundred dwelling houses and Merchants' Stores therein, and the Trade of the back settlements (before the beginning of the present wars,) almost wholly centering there, occasioned originally by the convenience of the Flour Mills on Cross Creek, of which there are now Three, and the best in this State;

That the situation of Cross Creek is High, dry and healthy, and accommodated with excellent Water, & that of Campbellton, as laid out by act of Assembly, is mostly in a low, swampy situation, & the road from Cross Creek thereto is through a level clay ground, which, from the constant intercourse of Waggons, is often rendered almost impassable for foot persons and extremely disagreeable to horse-men;

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That, as business is transacted entirely at Cross Creek, and the inhabitants of the County generally make their Markets in Term time, it is extremely difficult to enforce the attendance of witnesses and Jurors at a Mile distance, by reason of which the business of the Court is greatly retarded;

That, to avoid all invidious disturbances for the future, and to regulate the Village of Cross Creek by a Law for that purpose, Commissioners be appointed to lay out the streets thereof with as much convenience and as little damage to the inhabitants & owners of houses & land as may be; and that for the future the said Village and Town be distinguished by the names of Upper and Lower Campbellton;

That for several years past the County has been without a Gaol, and the Court house being at present in a very ruinous condition, that an act be passed for building a new Court House & Gaol in the upper Town, now called Cross Creek, and that the Courts be held in such Court House when built;

That the purchasers of Lotts in Campbellton are in danger of losing their property for want of the necessary improvements required by act of Assembly, many persons having already seated themselves thereon, expecting in time to hold their possessions by prescription; and there are others who have lately purchased under the Original proprietors of Lotts, who have made considerable improvements, at the hazard of having their property sold for the benefit of Mr. Russell, to whom the lands formerly belonged, as no Titles have ever yet been granted for said Lotts;

That Your Petitioners therefore Pray the Premises may be taken into consideration, and that your Petitioners may have such relief as to Equity & Justice may seem meet; and your Petitioners, as in duty bound, shall Pray.

Robert Rowan.
William Carver.
John Matthews.
Walter Murray.
Stephen Gilmore.
Jacob Matthews.
John Dobbins.
Alexander McDougal.
Simon McLaudon.
Donald Campbell.
Wm. Gibson.
Frank Anderson.
Onesepho (?) West.
George Draugher.
John Oueler.
John Armstrong.
Nathan King.
Alex. Gregory.
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Thomas Jones.
Joshua Jones.
Francis Mckoy.
Dan'l McGill.
Neitton Craime. (?)
John Terler.
Jno. Armstrong.
John Smith.
Archibald Smith.
Daniel Buie.
Thomas Armstrong.
John McNair.
Michael Condry.
Samuel Arnold.
Jno. Murphy.
Will'm Hodges, jun.
Phil. Hodges.
Jno. Ric'd Crump.
Simon Hadley.
Will'm Colisin.
Arch. Beatten.
Roger McNiell.
Will Morris.
John Wicker.
Willie Johnson.
Dan Sutherland.
William Matthews.
John Gavish.
Henry Caster.
Jno. McDonald.
Martin Lenard.
John McKoy.
Arch. McNiell.
Daniel Thompson.
Roger Morrison.
Duncan Finlay.
Jos. Lawsons.
Thos. Cabeen.
James Gee.
Jno. Hodges.
Geo. Fletcher.
Peter Mallett.
Phillip Raiford.
Charles Campbell.
Dugald Graham.
Alex. McAlester.
Charles Stevens.
Neill McNair.
Dan'l Campbell.
James Turner.
Gilbert Buie.
Matthew Leverman.
Daniel Burnside.
John Cox.
Anthony Barns.
David Meginsafe.
James Stuart.
James Dick.
Peter Colbreath.
___ Williams.
Will Phillips.
Isaac Williams.
Charles Powers.
Robt. Cochran.
James Canice.
Alex. Graham.
John Hatson.
James Hogues.
Dan. McNeill.
Arch. Simson.
Harry McNair.
Lewis Barge.
Jas. Moses.
Jas. Burnside.