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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Message from Abner Nash to the North Carolina General Assembly
Nash, Abner, ca. 1740-1786
Volume 15, Page 214

-------------------- page 214 --------------------

To the Honorable the General Assembly.

I thought it my duty, from intelligence rec'd last night, to order the Town Militia to assemble in aid of the small force of Continental Troops now here; &, Gentlemen, it afforded me the highest satisfaction to observe with how much readiness & alacrity the members of the General Assembly took up arms for their defence. Such an example cannot fail to have the most happy effects on our fellow citizens; and as this place is at present very defenceless, & may become an object of importance in the eye of the Enemy on account of your holding an Assembly here, I have, in order to secure you effectually from any attempts of the Enemy, ordered into town three companies of Foot and one of Horse to serve as a Guard during your Session; &, Gentlemen, I have been induced to be more attentive to this important object from intelligence I have rec'd, but which for the present I am not at liberty to disclose. I have the honor to lay before you a Letter from Col. Kenan, on which I wait for your advice, especially as it respects a subject I had the honour to address you on yesterday. I have only to add that the Gentleman I recommended to command your Cavalry waits with anxiety to know your determinations. If he does not meet with your approbation in the proposed project, his intention is to proceed on his Journey to Philadelphia.