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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Petition from George Lamkin concerning tax collection in Tyron County
Lamkin, George
Volume 15, Pages 219-220


Referred to Mr. Hawkins, Mr. Montford, Mr. Tripp, Mr. Wilson, Mr. Phifer, Mr. Rowan.

State of North Carolina, Lincoln County.

To the Honorable the House of Sinnet and to the Worshipfull the house of burgesses in assembly.

The petition of George Lamkin, Late Sheriff of Tryon County,

Humbly Sheweth,

That your Petitioner, in the year 1772, ye 27 Day of October, Entered into the office of Sheriff, and Law Did not continue over three Months in full force, and after Law Dropt your petitioner Indeavoured to collect the taxes Due for that year, and got a little

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over one hundred pounds, as will appear by the settlement with Tryon Court. At that time Law Stoopt no trade nor money to be got, so that people could not pay there Dues. I made Destress on sum person's goods, but could not sell. Soon after there was a Committee appointed in the county. Complaint being made to yr. Committee, thought fit to stop your petitioner from collecting or making Distress. Soone after your petitioner moved to Examine the Sheriff's List before them, that I might know how many persons was gone out of the Country since the settlement with Tryon Court, and there was wanten 107 persons that was taxt in yr. Sheriff's List. Soone after this the Indians broke out and did drive all the county as Lo as buffalo Creek 50 miles in. Sum few got into forts, sum went to Virginia, sum, went to ye South and Sum Down in this State, to the amount, by My List, 257 taxable persons, and now the tory party has broke out, being ye upper part of said County; what feu was left after ye Indians is now gone, so that it is impossible for your Petitioner to make any collection; now therefore I humbly pray you will take into your consideration that your petitioner may be discharged, as I have none of the publick money in My hands but what I have accounted for, and a ticket I tuck in after of Robert Blackburn's, one of ye Burgesses, which I have sent Down; and your petitioner, as in Duty bound, shall pray.