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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from François Lellorquis, Marquis de Malmady to the North Carolina General Assembly
Malmady, François Lellorquis, marquis de
August 1780
Volume 15, Pages 229-230


To the honourable representatives of North Carolina.

I do wish that the committee my address was referred to had agreed with the opinion of General Greene respecting the advantage of raising a body of Light horse, and that the honourable assembly be pleased to honour me with the command of that corps.

If you do, gentlemen, I beg Leave to offer you my opinion upon the means to raise and enable them to take the field instantly, and render Essential and speedy services. Any volunteer who will enter that corps, to serve twelve months, and furnish himself with a good horse, shall be free of being drafted for the continental services; and after his time will be expired he shall enjoy the exemption of any duty for twelve months.

It may be observed that these volunteers will have some tendence against raising of your continentals; I beg Leave to answer to it. If you intend to draft one of thirteen, a body of 390 volunteers will reduce your continental Line only of 30 men; will not 390 volunteers Light horse, raised in fifteen days, render more services, in a time of an invasion, than 30 continental soldiers who cannot meet so soon to the general rendezvous?

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With regard to the accoutrements, I beg Leave to consent with the quartermaster of the state if there are no adequate supplies in the publicstores. I request as a particular favour that the honourable assembly will grant me the Leave to exert myself for putting that corps in a situation of serving instantly.

I entreat, gentlemen, that you would discriminate the motives of my Earnestness; the Enemy are on your frontiers, in your country.

My attachment for the common cause, particularly for your State, and my honour urge me to repair to the field as far as possible; and any provision you will be pleased to make for me I shall be perfectly satisfied with.

With due respect, I have the honour to be, gentlemen,
Your most obedient, very humble servant,