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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Petition from John Walton concerning public assistance, including related certification
Walton, John
Volume 15, Page 235

-------------------- page 235 --------------------

To the Honourable Assembly of the State of North Carolina.

The Petition of John Walton, an inhabitant of Franklin County,

Humbly Sheweth,

That your Petitioner, in the month of May last, being informed of the surrender of Charlestown and of the rappid march of the Enemy through the Country, Conceived it the duty of every good Citizen to take up arms and stand forthwith in the defence of his Country. Your Petitioner turned out as a volunteer with Capt. Harrison Macon, under the command of Colo. Benjamin Seawell. Colo. Seawell being sent back to take charge of the new Levies, your Petitioner was put under the Command of Colo. Benjamin Exum, & under his command was carried into action near Camden, where your Petitioner received a ball through His right Shouldoer, which shattered the bone in such a manner that your Petitioner has lost the use of his arm, it being Perrished away and the sinews Entirely Contracted, by which means your Petitioner is rendered unable to labour for his Living; and as your Petitioner is but a poor man, and no friends able to assist him, he submits his case to your Honourable Body, trusting that you, in your humanity & wisdom, will make such Provision for his support and maintenance as you in your wise deliberations shall think Expedient, and your Petitioner, as in duty bound, will Ever pray, &c.



State No Carolina, Franklin County.

I do hereby Certify that the within John Walton, the Petitioner, was a volunteer in Capt. Harrison Macon's Company belonging to my regiment. The said John Walton has always appeared very forward in the defence of his Country, as also the whole of his Brothers. He's scarcely seventeen years of age, but he has for near these three years been forward to turn out. He is very badly wounded, by no means able, nor do I believe he ever will be able, to Labour sufficient to maintain himself. He has, as it appears to me, lost the use of His Right arm. I believe the whole of the subject matter set forth in his Petition is truth.