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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Charles Jewkes to Richard Caswell
Jewkes, Charles
January 05, 1780
Volume 15, Page 315

-------------------- page 315 --------------------
[From Executive Letter Book.]

Wilmington, January 5th, 1780.


Genl. Lillington shewed me your letter wherein your Excellency requests to know the State of provisions and forage at Wilmington, and also to know if any person will supply what Troops march through Wilmington, which I have undertaken to do, and have laid in provisions and forage sufficient for that purpose, which I shall be much obliged to your Excellency to grant me a Warrant for £6,000, which is about the amount of the provisions left, and send it to Mr. John London, of Wilmington, who manages my business in my absence, who will do every thing that will be wanting for your service, as I am going out with Genl. Lillington's Commissary.

I remain, your Excellency's very ob. huml. Serv't,
Gov. Caswell.