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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Peter Mallett to Richard Caswell
Mallett, Peter, 1744-1805
January 24, 1780
Volume 15, Page 327

-------------------- page 327 --------------------
[From Executive Letter Book.]

Campbelton, 24th Jany., 1780.


I have received your Excellency's favor by my Brother, covering a Warrant for £5,000. This sum, when I receive it, will scarcely balance my account, up to the first instant, for moneys already advanced, and that there requires dayly advancements to supply the Hospital and other Troops here; besides, there remains unpaid to sundry persons about this Town from three to four thousand pounds, for forage and other necessaries to Col. Lamb's Regiment and Militia. These people look to me for their money, and that I cannot pay up their accounts until your Excellency will please to put me in cash for that purpose. The Beef I barreled last year on the public account is not near expended; some part of it now becomes unfit for using; whenever the warm weather comes on, it will require the utmost care, and no small expense. Even then it will be complained of, as I never found it preferable to cure Beef in this Country to stand more than one summer. I should think it most to the interest of the State to have it sold in time. As the Assembly is now called, I am in hopes that house will take some notice of these matters, and that your Excellency will please to give me some Orders by Colonel Rowan, as well as to furnish me with the needful.

I am your Excellency's Mo. ob. Servt.,
Gov. Caswell.