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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Archibald Lytle to Richard Caswell
Lytle, Archibald, 1730-1790
January 28, 1780
Volume 15, Page 329

-------------------- page 329 --------------------
[From Executive Letter Book.]

Charlestown Neck, Jany. 28, 1780.


Colonel Rogers, where I am, was to take charge of the Regiment detached from the Hillsboro Brigade. Being so informed that he was rendered unable to perform his duty in this Expedition, the late Assembly omitting to fill the Regiment to which I belong, I solicited Genl. Butler for the Command of the Regiment, which he readily granted, first consulting the Officers of the same, to which they unanimously agreed. The command of the Salisbury and Hillsboro Drafts and Volunteers has remained with me as yet, Genl. Lillington not being arrived. Our people are mostly without their Bounty, all without Tents. I must beg leave to inform your Excellency that Mr. Ellis's Commissary at Salisbury refused to issue to the Militia. Had I not as a Continental Officer Ordered him, we must have been much worse supplied. Nevertheless, we were far from being so well as we conceived Men in service of their Country might expect. I was obliged Sundry times to grant Certificates for provision & forage to the Inhabitants, promising to see them paid at the next Session of the Assembly. I think it the hardest part of duty to be obliged to take from good people their property without having in my power to pay, which must be done rather than let Soldiers suffer.

As I have not seen General Lillington, have taken the liberty to enclose a return of the Hillsboro and Salisbury Regiment.

I am your Excellency's Mo. ob. huml. Servt.,