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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from John Rutledge to Richard Caswell
Rutledge, John, 1739-1800
January 31, 1780
Volume 15, Pages 332-333

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Charles Town, Jany. 31, 1780.

Dear Sir:

Referring you for particulars to Genl. Lincoln's Letter, & to the Gent. who will deliver it, & this also, I think it necessary to acquaint you that the Enemy are arrived in very considerable force, both Land and Naval, from New York at Georgia, & that great part of them are already actually disembarked in that State. There is no Doubt that the possession and Conquest of this are their objects; I therefore most earnestly request that the Troops of your state, destined for our assistance, may be sent on, & that you will afford us what other Aid you can with the utmost dispatch. I flatter myself that on this trying occasion North Carolina will exert herself to the utmost. It will be expedient that a Body of your Men should hover on our Frontiers, & on the least prospect or Apprehension of an Insurrection amongst our

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disaffected, march in to crush it. I shall trouble you with the Communication of Intelligence as often as any material arises, but I entreat that without waiting for any further you will immediately use your most strenuous Endeavours to reinforce our Army.

I am, with great esteem, Dear Sir,
Your most obedt Servt.,
To His Excellency, Gov. Caswell.

P. S. The 3 French Frigates which have been here some Months lately sailed for France.