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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from James Green to Richard Caswell
Green, James, ca. 1737-1784
February 29, 1780
Volume 15, Pages 345-346

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Clear Springs, Feby. 29th, 1780.


I recd. your Excellency's favor by Mr. Tillery, and inform your Excellency the Loan office is not in Cash to Comply with any

-------------------- page 346 --------------------
part of your request, having paid away all the monies I had recd. on Loan (exclusive Congress's Warrants) to discharge the Indents issued for the April and May money. I have in my possession $25,000 dollars, belonging to myself and some Gentlemen in the West Indies, which I send to you by Mr. Tillery on certain Conditions, and which I beg may not be made use of unless those conditions may suit, (as I have been at great pains to collect the Continental money, and for more than half of it gave 2 per cent. in exchange,) to-wit, your Excellency's warrant in my favor drawn on either of the public Treasurers at 10 per cent. advance on the sum, to be paid in Indents issued from the Loan Office, by which means I may again in time get the Continental money. I hope this proposition may not be thought ungenerous, when I inform your Excellency I can get 20 per cent. for six months, payable in State money. If you conclude to take it, your warrant will be for £11,000; if you should decline, pray keep the money for me,

And oblige, Dr. Sir,
Your ob. Servt.,