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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from John Lillington to Richard Caswell
Lillington, John, d. 1785
March 01, 1780
Volume 15, Pages 346-347

[From Executive Letter Book.]

1st March, 1780.


I send your Excellency by Express a packet this day received from my Father, with a request to send it on without delay. My Father informs me the Enemy are landed eight thousand strong at Savannah, and that he expects an active Campaign; doubt not but he hath made you acquainted with particulars. I have enclosed your Excellency a news paper, which, from the scarcity of them, may afford you something novel. Be obliging enough to return it for the perusal of my friends in this neighborhood.

I have promised the Bearer, James Doty, that you will satisfy him for his trouble in riding Express. The difficulty of procuring

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men to do public business of this kind hath compelled me to make this promise.

I am, with the greatest esteem,
Your Excellency's Very humbl. Servt.,