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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Robert Rowan to Richard Caswell
Rowan, Robert
March 15, 1780
Volume 15, Pages 357-358

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Campbleton, 15th March, 1780.


Your Excellency's favor, with the warrants on the Treasury, came safe to hand.

When I was at Kingston you informed me, Sir, that the Militia were to Rendezvous at this place, in consequence of which I ordered the Tents, Cartridge boxes and Bayonet belts to be put on board a boat at Wilmington and sent here, and had it not been for Parson Boyd taking upon himself to order her back again when she had got half way up, thinking there were Stores on board that the Brigade would be in want of, the boat would have been here long since. However, I am still in hopes of his getting up in time, as it is two weeks since she left Wilmington. I fancy there will be enough of Cartridge boxes and Bayonet belts for the present occasion. There are also several Tents and a great number of Flints.

I have now in my employ Archibald Henry, a Shoemaker, and James McCraken, a Tailor. They were both drafted on last Friday. I was hurried to get some work done to send forward to the Brigade. It is really difficult to get Tradesmen without paying

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them most extravagantly. These two men I hired on good terms, some time before the Drafts, but could not prevail on the Colonel to excuse them. I fancy your Excellency has that power, and should be exceedingly glad of a line for that purpose.

I have the honor to be, with great respect,
Your Excellency's mo. ob. Servt.,