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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Thomas Eaton to Richard Caswell
Eaton, Thomas, ca. 1739-1809
March 21, 1780
Volume 15, Pages 360-361

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Tarboro, March 21st, 1780.


Enclosed is a return of the Drafts, agreeable to your Excellency's last orders, and I flatter myself you will not find so many Delinquents as you may reasonably expect, adverting to the former Drafts.

The Delinquency of the July and November orders hath been owing to a variety of causes, first, that the two field officers who were appointed to take command failed to march; another cause, that in some Counties so many officers have taken Shelter under the act of Assembly by hiring that there are not officers to transact the business incident to a Draft. In Northampton in particular they had but two Captains, and so great is the indifference towards the cause, even among the officers of the Militia, that you will scarcely believe me when I tell you, altho' I have repeatedly required my officers to make a return of the former Drafts, yet cannot procure them to forward on, nor should I be able at present to send on these, had I not have put myself to

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more than common trouble; however, I am determined for the future to proceed with all the rigour (and more in some cases) that the law will admit of. I hope I shall have it in my power to send you a return by the sitting of the Assembly; until I am contradicted by you I shall proceed to return all Deserters that come within my knowledge to Genl. Sumner. Since I began my letter I find it will not be in my power to send you the return of the Franklin Militia, as they have failed to appear at the place of Rendezvous.

I remain, your Excellency's very humbl. Servt.,