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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Joseph Green to Richard Caswell
Green, Joseph
March 29, 1780
Volume 15, Pages 363-364

[From Executive Letter Book.]

Wayne, 29th March, 1780.

Dr. Sir:

Enclosed is a letter to your Excellency from Mr. Mallett, which he desired me for to forward.

Genl. Woodford's Brigd. reached Campbleton the 22nd Inst. about 12 o'clock. The whole crossed by twelve next day and marched the same day about six or seven miles. I am in hopes they will soon be at Charlestown, as they march about twenty miles a day, when no ferry to hinder them. Your Express to Genl. Rutherford I forwarded, but understand he had marched. I made out for Genl. Woodford's Brigd. better than I expected with provisions; the article of forage is exceedingly scarce, and I fear they will not be able to supply the Train of Artillery and Baggage horses men with a sufficient quantity of Corn. That article is from twelve to fifteen pounds per bushel, and not to be had. Genl. Woodford informed me in about fifteen days after he marched there was fifteen hundred Militia to follow him, and the remainder of Genl. Scott's Brigade.

I am in hopes your Excellency will be pleased to lay my distressed situation before the Legislature of this state, and if possible

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that I may be supplied with cash. I am obliged to give at least 25 per cent. more for every article I purchase on credit than it might be had at if I was in cash for that purpose.

I am, with esteem, Dr. Sir,
Your Excellency's ob. humbl. Servt.,