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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Description by John Belton O'Neall of James Williams' death at the Battle of King's Mountain
O'Neall, John Belton, 1793-1863
Volume 15, Page 391

-------------------- page 391 --------------------
[Johnson's Traditions of the Revolution, 1780, Page 490.]

When Colonel Williams was shot (at King's Mountain) he had turned to his command and was cheering them onward. The ball, fired from the mountain heights above him, took effect just between his shoulders and ranged downward through his body. He fell within a few feet of Colonel Ferguson. Both met their fate at the same moment. Colonel Williams was borne from the battle field, lived throughout the succeeding night and died the next morning. He lies a mile or two from the field of his own and his companions' glory, without a stone to mark the spot where rests the body of “Old King's Mountain Jim,” as he is familiarly spoken of to this day.