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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Henry William Harrington to Rosanna Harrington
Harrington, Henry William, 1747-1809
April 30, 1780
Volume 15, Page 402

-------------------- page 402 --------------------

George Town, 30 of April, 1780.

No. 7.

My dearest Love will be surprized, and highly rejoiced to see the word, near the date of the Letter, changed from Charles to George, but so it is my hope, I am now in Geo. Town, 60 Miles nearer to those in whom my Soul delights, than I was last Friday morng, at which time I left Charles Town, with the advice & unanimous consent of the Lt. Governr. & Council & by Gen. Lincolns Order and am now on my Rout for Newbern, there to take my Seat in Assembly, and to request, in behalf of South Carolina, a large and immediate Aid of North Carolina Militia. I have permission on my way from Newbern to the Army, to feast my Eyes with the finest sight in the Universe; cannot my Love guess who I mean? She can; it needs no explanation, for She will know & will readily acknowledge it, that nothing on Earth, is so pleasing to the Sight, as her lovely self & her dear little Girls. On the Wings of Patriotism I fly to Newbern and from there on those of Love, to the happy Place of ye. Residence of my Charmer; where I hope to be & to find all well, in about three weeks from this, or sooner if possible. Should opportunity offer, please to write to me at Newbern, do my dearest Life, write, Opportunity or not, immediately after the receipt of this, and if a soon, a certain mode of conveyance does not before offer My Angel will deliver it herself, accompanied with one or more of the most gracious Smiles, into the hands of her affectionate


P. S. Compliments as usual. I am not to be smiled out of the aforesaid requested Letter, if my dear Love wants to hear frequently from her Harry, she surely will oblige him and write without the least reserve, for if the Letter is to be, as I expect, and indeed hope it will, accompanied with the gracious smiles above mentioned, there can not in that Case, be the least fear of its fallen into improper hands. This is my Seventh Letter sent, & 10th wrote, “have conscience my Dear” & let me at least have One for Seven.