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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Allen Jones to Abner Nash
Jones, Allen, 1739-1807
February 21, 1781
Volume 15, Page 424

-------------------- page 424 --------------------

Wheelers, Feby. 21st, 1781.


By a Letter which accompanies this from General Green, you will Learn the Situation of the two Armies the 17th instant; I shall therefore only give you an account of our Endeavours about Halifax to co-operate with our Army. I have ordered all of the men out I can arm and in order; to do that, have directed the Officers in each County to impress every gun, Sufficient for Service. The People appear spirited, and I think I shall march at least 1,500 men from this District, tho' I shall discharge all that I think incapable of undergoing the severest duty as Light Infantry. This is agreeable to General Green's Opinion & Request. The Arms are not so good as I could wish. I shall follow the troops myself as long as my health will permit or untill you come up to Halifax. It is necessary that your Excly. or Maj. Gen. Caswell should come on this way, as Ld. Cornwallis's Destruction ought to be our principal Object, and everything else give way to the completion of it. We have certain information of the Arrival of three French men of War in Hampton Road, and many Letters and Travellers say the rest of the fleet is arrived, making four Sail of the line & 8 frigates with transports on board, of which are 3,000 Land Forces. These reports come so many ways, and are so positively asserted, that I have no doubt of the reality of their Arrival, And I make no doubt but Arnold will soon be taken or destroyed. Should Ld. Cornwallis get information of the Arrival of this fleet, I make no doubt but he will endeavour to reach Cape Fear & take post somewhere on that River. As for Halifax, I think it safe, because it cannot be an Object worth risquing his Army for; he would be soon surrounded & find an Escape any way exceeding difficult, if not wholy impracticable.

I am, with the Utmost respect, yr. Excellency's
Mo. ob. Servt.,
Gov. Nash.