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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Jethro Sumner to [John Baptist Ashe]
Sumner, Jethro, 1733?-1785
February 21, 1781
Volume 15, Pages 425-426

-------------------- page 425 --------------------

February 21st, Warren County, 1781.


I recd. just now a letter from General Greene wherein he wishes the Continental Officers to collect at Maj. Gen. Caswell's Camp and receive his orders to assist in arranging and commanding the militia that are collected.

You are sensible of the importance of order, bravery & resolution in Camp, therefore I expect and wish you and the Officers would wait on him and render every possible aid that may be consistant to rank and power & without delay. I am in some measure at a loss why Genl. Greene, in his letter, acknowledges the receipt of my letter dated Halifax,in which was enclosed the proceedings of the Continental Officers on the new arrangement of the North Carolina Line as far as was in their power, yet, nevertheless, he again repeats—I am to require you will, as soon as possible, furnish me with a return of the whole of the officers of the North Carolina Line who are to continue in service on the new arrangement, including those in captivity specifying their rank, date of commissions and names, and also a return of those who are to retire on half pay, &c., &c. These matters, as far as was in the power of the officers, was inclosed him in the very letter he acknowledges to have received. I believe the number of officers names and rank may be had, however, as only a temporary arrangement was thought feasible at this time, I shall, I am sure, continue doubtful what General Greene means by taking no notice of the returns made him, and the causes assigned for not arranging properly the line, as no commissions was to pass until it was made, neither do I feel it so essential now, in knowing their names, rank, &c., &c., as the dates of their commissions cannot be had. You will, therefore, let the officers know that its General Greenes wish that we repair to the Militia Camp to General Caswell and asssist him in arranging and commanding the militia. I have sent expresses to General Caswell, respecting this request of General Greenes. Should he approve of receiving us so as to giving proper rank command, &c., &c., it may not be satisfactory to his officers. However, Sir I wish you to signify to the Officers by express or otherwise without delay the necessity of coming into this plan of G. Greenes. I shall, for my part, readily give every assistance to the General in my power by repairing to the Camp as soon as

-------------------- page 426 --------------------
I hear from Genl. Caswell, which I hope will be by Sunday Evening next.

The Enemy's van guard is in Hillsborough; what route from thence we can only judge. The General Greene thinks it will be towards Halifax.

(Not signed.)