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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from James Cole Mountflorence to Jethro Sumner
Mountflorence, James Cole, ca. 1745-1820
March 03, 1781
Volume 15, Pages 428-429


Camp on Buffalo, March the 3rd, 1781.

Dr. General:

I had the pleasure of writing to you from Capt. Madearas's, expressing my desire of getting into your line & once more under your command, But fearing that letter never came to your hands, I take the Liberty of mentioning it to you again. You remember, General, you were kind enough to promise me at the Yadkin, that should it be possible you would procure me a Commission in your Brigade. I am told that since the Officers rank of your Four Regiments are settled, some Captains are desirous of resigning, and out of Regiments where there's not one single subaltern, by which means some Gentlemen may get a Captain's Commission at the first setting out. As I was three years ago a regular Captain in this State, and was promised by the Assembly to be reinstated at the first opportunity, I really do believe, Sir, it lies entirely in your power and with some justice to recommend me to Congress for reimplacing one of the Captains who are about to resign out of Regiments where they have no subalterns. Should you find this impracticable by my earnest desire of being in the Continental service & under your command, I should accept of the first leftenancy in one of the Regiments that have no subalterns, provided I was assured I should be the first promoted to a company. I leave this

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matter entirely to you, Sir, depending much on your willingness to oblige me & have the honor to be with respect and the sincerest attachment.

Dear General,
Your Most Obedt., Humble Servt.,