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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from John Ramsey to Thomas Burke
Ramsey, John
April 13, 1781
Volume 15, Page 437

-------------------- page 437 --------------------

Deep River 13th April 1781.


Mr. Jones & my Self returned from Wilmington Last Thursday Evning, the Commander of the Enemeys force there permitted us into town to see our friends who we found all in Good helth the main body of the Enimy were advanced in the Country. we had no Certainty of their being higher advanced than Rockfish Bridge where they defeated our post there of which you must of had a particular acct. of before now & need only Observe to your Excellency that it seemed to be a finishing Stroke to the well Affected in the Lower Counties it Gives me pain to See them Go in, in bodies to Surrender & indeed I found when I Gott home much the Same Effect, from the daring Spirit of the Tories, almost all the whigs was gone to oppose Fanning & Last Saturday morning a body of Scotch Supposed to be 50 fell in below on Cape Fear within ten miles of Elizabethtown(?) From the Spirit of the remaining few turning out against them, they Retreated with their plunder. I do assure you Sir we are Exceedingly distressed in this Quarter what few there is of us, is Oblidge to be out Constantly or Lay in the woods, I am not able to inform you anything from our party against Fanning, report says both Sides reinforced, its Certain that Edwards from Orrange Sett of with Sixty odd men.

I should be glad to know of your Excellency if any kind of produce would be admitted to be sent down for the Support of the prisoners Speasie is not to be Gott in our parts & it was but Little I Carried my bros. they will Soon need another Supply. Capt. Legett the Commanding officer at Wilmington did not Show your Lettr while we Staid. I am

Your Excellencys most Obedient
Humbl. Servt.

On the back of the letter this in Gov. Burke's handwriting:

To be answered that no Commodities can be admitted to be sent to the posts of the Enemy.