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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Pinketham Eaton to Jethro Sumner
Eaton, Pinketham
April 17, 1781
Volume 15, Pages 440-441


Camp Little River, 20 miles from Pedee.
17th April, 1781.

Dr. General:

When I rote you by Captain (Innis?) I had not been able to make out the descriptive list of the men I received for you, I now enclose you copys of them with the men marked that have deserted since I left Chatham Court House. Genl. Greene was Sunday seven miles the other side of Pedee bearing down towards Camden. I am afraid it will be out of my power to overtake him before he gets to Camden as I was oblige to stay at this place to take in some meal. I this day sent an Express to him to inform him of my being here. I expect to hear from him tomorrow and shall conduct myself agreeable to his orders by an express from Elizabeth town; we are informed that Lord Cornwallis lies at McClaines Bluff, that Major Craik who was at Wilmington is directing his rout towards Newberne and Genl. Lillington with what troops he has is pursuing him. What wil be the issue I long to know. I am much in want of officers to command the companys. The men desert fast

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and complain heavily of the injustice done them, having never had a Tryall as they many of them declare; indeed Col. Linton, it appeared to me, had the power of condemning whoever he thought proper, both officer and soldier, and declared to me it was by General Jones' orders. I intend to write the Genl. fully on the matter.

I am, Dear General, with the utmost respect,
Your Mo. Obedt., Hum. Servt.,