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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Joshua Potts to Jethro Sumner
Potts, Joshua
May 01, 1781
Volume 15, Pages 450-451


Harrisburgh, May 1st, 1781.


Mr. Vass this moment shewed me yours to Colo. Burton, & himself; in which I find you have changed the rendezvous of troops, & of consequence the destination of stores.

In compliance with your directions, while I was at Col. Hawkins, have sent to Hillsborough upwards of three thousand Wt. of Bacon, from Edgecombe. Have at this place at present twelve thousand Weight from Warren County, three Thousand of which will be deposited in Hillsborough, & the other nine thousand continued on to Salisbury, by order of Col. Carrington, in behalf of Col. Davie at which place the Waggons will receive farther directions to Headquarters. I should have left the three thousand lbs. Bacon at this place, but as I made a contract with the owners of two waggons to convey their loads only to Hillsborough, I still think proper to transport it there, especially as there are already stores of provision already at this place, & near it which may quickly be brought here. I shall have more here by the time you rendezvous the troops.

I see you require of Mr. Vass a list of Staff Officers, &c. I hereby communicate the same in Halifax district,

Col. Nicholas Long, D. Q. M. G'l. at Halifax.
Capt. John Medearis. A. D. Q. M. G'l. in Wake County.
Joshua Potts, Superintent. Commis., of Halifax District; & A. D. Q. M. at Halifax.
Edward Hill, Commis. of Edgecombe, & A. D. Q. M. G'l. at Tarborough.
Thomas Hunter, ditto Martin County at the Courthouse.
Josiah Crump, ditto Northampton 6 miles above Halifax Town.
Matthew Rabun ditto Halifax County.
Arthur Arrington ditto Nash County.
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William Christmas ditto Warren County.
William Hill ditto Franklin County.
I am Sir,
your most Obedient & humble servant
S. C. Halifax Dist.