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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Agreement between Nathanael Greene and Charles Cornwallis, Earl Cornwallis concerning an exchange of prisoners of war
United States. Continental Army; Great Britain. Army
May 03, 1781
Volume 15, Pages 451-452


Articles of a cartel for the exchange and relief of prisoners of war taken in the Southern department, agreed to at the house of Mr. Claudius Pegus on Pedee the 3rd of May 1781 between Lt. Col. Carrington on the part of Major General Greene, & Capt. Cornwallis on the part of Lieut. General Earl Cornwallis.

1st. That regular troops be exchanged for regular troops and militia for militia.

2d. That men enlisted for six months and upwards in continental or State service be looked upon as regulars.

3rd. That the mode of exchange shall be rank for rank as far as similar rank shall apply.

4th. That Officers be exchanged by rotation according to dates of capture but reciprocal option to be exercised, as to subjects in non-commissioned officers & privates, by naming particular corps, or particular persons.

5th. That no non-commissioned officers or private soldiers admitted to parole shall be considered as a prisoner of war, but finally liberated; unless paroled on the faith of a commissioned Officer.

6th. That Officers who cannot be exchanged for want of similar rank to apply to be paroled to their respective homes until exchanged subject to be recalled for a breach thereof, or for a violation of the cartel by the party to whom they belong.

7th. That passports be allowed for such supplies as may be sent from either side to prisoners in captivity.

8th. That commissaries of prisoners be permitted to pass from each side into the opposite lines & reside there for the purpose of receiving and representing the situation of the prisoners, but removable by the commanding officers.

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9th. That prisoners shall not be sent from the continent, whilst the articles of this cartel continue to be observed.

10th. That commissaries of prisoners shall immediately put in practice exchange of prisoners on the above principles, as far as the subjects on each side will go, & continue them in future as characters may apply.

11th. That the first delivery of American prisoners shall embark at Charlestown on or before the 15th of June & sail immediately for Jamestown on James River, where the first delivery of British prisoners shall embark on or before the first week of July & sail immediately for the nearest British port.

12th. That the flag of truce shall be raised going with the American prisoners & with the British to the port where they are to be delivered.



Whereas in pursuance of adequate powers respectively delegated to us to carry into execution articles of a cartel made on the 3rd day of May in this present year, by Capt. Cornwallis on the part of Lieut. General Cornwallis, & Lieut. Col. Carrington on the part of Major General Greene, for the exchange and relief of prisoners of war taken in the Southern department; we the underwritten have mutually agreed that all the militia prisoners citizens of America taken by the British arms in the Southern Department from the first commencement of this present war to the 15th day of this present month June, shall be immediately exchanged for all the militia prisoners of war subjects of Great Britain, taken by the American arms in the said department within the above mentioned term.

Now public notice is hereby given that all the above mentioned British and American prisoners wherever they may at present be are hereby declared to be fully, absolutely, and reciprocally exchanged, and such of them as are on parole within the lines of the respective parties, are hereby declared to be released therefrom, & such as are within the towns, garrisons, camp or lines of the powers who captured them, shall be immediately liberated & permitted to pass without restriction to the party to whom they belong.

EDWARD MASS (Hyrne?) D. C. P.
JAMES FRASER. British C. Prisoners.