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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Peter William Joseph Ludwig, Baron de Glaubeck to Jethro Sumner
Glaubeck, Peter William Joseph Ludwig, Baron de
May 14, 1781
Volume 15, Pages 461-462


Col. Hawkins', 14th May, 1781.

Dear General:

I have sent Sergeant Beckham with five men for the swords, powder and lead. I wish we could get thirty or forty swords, as I wish to have that number of my best men equipped compleat as horsemen, and use the remainder as infantry mounted.

I shall join the men, I expect from Granville and Franklin with

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those under the command of Captain Tullock, and expect the whole will make our compleate troop of Horse & one company of mounted infantry.

As soon as I get the swords, &c., from you I shall move down to observe the motions of the enemy.

I send you Captain Tullock's letter—it is the only information we have received since my last. Pray let my men meet no difficulty in obtaining the necessaries I have wrote for.

I shall send you every day, after tomorrow an express, should there be the least movements of the enemy.

I am, Dear General,
Your Humble Servant,

Pray General use your influence with Col. Taylor to send me twenty or thirty men. I have written to him on the subject.

I shall move down with the men I have so soon as you furnish from your quarters the necessaries I send for.

D. G.