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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from John Baptist Ashe to Jethro Sumner
Ashe, John Baptista, 1748-1802
June 01, 1781
Volume 15, Pages 469-470


Halifax, 1st June, 1781.

Dr. Genl:

I apply'd a few days ago to the Governor and Council for Some Supplys, after some difficulty I procured an order or warrant, impowering Major Murfree to impress what he might think necessary; The major having inform'd me the day preceding my application

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of a large quantity of Stores lying in Meherin, I desir'd it might be directed to him, and not to any of the staff.

We are much at a loss to know the Supplys (and quantity) wanting, will be glad of your earliest instructions, with an order to the Quarter Master General, for Waggons to Transport an immediate supply of every Article to you. Genl. Jones has sent to the Commandants of the Counties of this District, urging them to exert themselves in compleating their Drafts, and cloathing them. I have collect'd eight or ten, among them three Villainous Deserters, Two of them Major Hogg, Captn. Chapman, and myself thought proper to chastise yesterday morning, forgiving the third. They have all Since Deserted; An Example of Death must be made, Genl., and that shortly of Such offenders.

Major Murfree informs me of some men, Col. Estherton has Collected, among them Some Deserters. I Shall Send over for them Tomorrow. I hope to join you in a few days, and as much sooner as you shall think that I am wanted, Mr. Ashe and my Family of Blacks are in a very good way, and will be soon well. Wont Mrs. Sumner come down and be Enoculat'd, our house is at her Service, and shall be happy to render her any other. Mrs. Ashe Joins me in Best Respects,

And I am Sir, yrs.,