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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Batte Birdsong to Jethro Sumner
Birdsong, Batte
June 09, 1781
Volume 15, Page 474


Harrisburg, June 9th, 1781.

Dr. Genl:

Received yours. Mentioned the wagon was in Roanoak which was she I sent you. I have another covered waggon at this post I got for you. I expect she may stay here until the troops come and take in ammunition. Also will provide every gun, cartridge box & other necessary articles I can. Also I thought the stores & traps will move with the troops as I understand were left here for your troops. I keep a guard of my men untill yours come. This instant received a letter from Mr. Potts who informs me Col. Long has gone. Capt. Meaderis orders there shall be but six artificers at this post. I have promised they shall have service with me. I have thought to keep them for a guard if the troops march from here and leave the stores here.

I am Sir, with much respect,
Your Hum. Servant,


Dear General:

In Col. Ash's baggage waggon I understand I have a mare. One I put in a team when I sent all my waggons to move Col. Long's stores and was taken out of that waggon & put in Col. Ash's waggon. She is a sorrel mare branded N. C. P. P. I had her branded lest I lost her. Let the horse the express rides be put in her place & I will keep her in the service, but she was not valued.