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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Joshua Potts to Jethro Sumner
Potts, Joshua
June 09, 1781
Volume 15, Pages 475-476


Halifax, June 9th, 1781.


A few hours ago, I received and perused yours to Col. Long; in which you mention that very little preparation is made by me for the reception of the Troops at Genl. Rendezvous. I shall immediately endeavor to furnish as much provision and other necessaries, as will answer your demand, in the meantime scarcely know at what place you intend Genl. Rendezvous. The only line you ever

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wrote me directed stores to be deposited in Hillsborough for that purpose. After which I accidentally saw your letter to Col. Burton on the same occasion which signified the place was changed to that of Harrisburgh. Since that I have been informed by Capt. Christmas, that the late drafts were to be rendezvoused in Halifax District. I accordingly wrote you a line by Older Neal, requesting you would inform me of that place at which you would desire provisions, and also the quantity of the same that might be required; but have not yet received such directions. I shall be busy in sending provisions, &c, towards the Westward; to Harrisburgh, if not otherwise directed, and should it be required in Warren, or Hillsborough it will be going towards either of the places.

I am Sir,
Your humble servant,

P. S. Waggons are and shortly will be, very scarce in this part of the Country, if you have them in Camp not materially employed, should be glad they might go for provisions, of which there are a large quantity in Nash and Franklin Counties. I would have wrote this to your Brigade Quarter-Master but do not know who he is.

J. P.