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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from George Doherty to Jethro Sumner
Doherty, George
June 22, 1781
Volume 15, Pages 490-491


Duplin, June 22d, 1781.


I embrace the opportunity of Col. Kenan's going to the Assembly to inform you, that the tumults in this part of the Country has been the cause of the drafts & every thing relative thereto being (I suppose) later, & more out of order here than in any other part of the State. We have at present some little respite from the cursed Tories, but cannot say they are entirely subdued; the draft was made in Duplin, but the more than the half of them have been among the Tories or so disaffected that they will not appear: the number that we ought to have here is about 70 men, & there is not above 24 yet appeared, & about 20 from Onslow. The men have been so harrassed by being kept in arms, that hitherto they could not attend to providing the clothing required by Law, & without

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cloathing the troops cannot march as not one among them has got a second change, & some have hardly dudds to cover them. The Col. has used all possible means to urge the classes to cloath their Soldiers, & whenever each of them gets even part I shall march with the few we have.

If any opportunity offers from your Camp towards Wake I should be glad to hear from you; if it is directed to the care of Col. Kenan he will forward it to yr. Hum. Servt.,