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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Joshua Potts to Jethro Sumner
Potts, Joshua
June 23, 1781
Volume 15, Page 493

-------------------- page 493 --------------------

Halifax, June 23rd, 1781.


Yours of the 20th Instant received. We have not the Oznabrig Thread or Twine you require, but have sent off a person in quest of the same.

Two Waggons arrived here yesterday with stores from Major Murfree's, which I am about to send on to your Quarters, with a few articles from this place, an invoice of the whole inclosed, except eighty weight of sugar and fifty weight of Coffee, which Col. Ashe this moment ordered out for his use.

I hope Sir, you will permit the three Waggons now out to return immediately as I shortly expect to furnish Major Murfree with Waggons, when he may arrive with the Edenton drafts &c.

Mr. John Wood the Bearer hereof, hath acted with us, some time, as waggon Master, and is recommended as such by Col. Long, who would be glad you might continue the said appointment if there be a vacancy of that kind.

Mr. William Rose hath also acted in like capacity, should you have occasion for another Rose will go on with the Edenton Drafts.

About two hundred hogs in good order, were sent on the other Day from Northampton under management of Mr. Wm. Love, and perhaps may arrive at Harrisburgh ere this comes to hand.

Enclosed is a Letter perhaps from Major Murfree I sent yours directed to him yesterday by Express.

I am Sir,
Your most humble sevt.

P. S. I have directed the Commissioner of Nash County to forward Bacon to your Camp, & shall give the like orders to the Commissioner of Franklin.

J. P.

Col. Long is gone to the Assembly.