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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Return of supplies for Jethro Sumner's Brigade of North Carolina troops
Potts, Joshua
June 23, 1781
Volume 15, Pages 493-494


Halifax, June 23rd, 1781.

Of stores sent off this day in three Waggons under charge of John

-------------------- page 494 --------------------
Wood W. M. and ordered to Genl. Sumner's H. Quarters, for the use of his Brigade by



3 Hogsheads Rum contain'g 337 Gal. (Ullage)
No. 1. 4½ Inches.
No. 2. 3¼
No. 3. 3
1 Bag Coffee 90 lbs. 50 lbs taken out for Col. Ashe.
1 Barrel Sugar. 80 lbs ditto.
6 Bolts Canvas. 15 yds. of one made a waggon cloth. ∗
1 Ream Cartridge Paper John Tillery.

∗ The above Waggon Cloth may be left in your Camp as it covers a Waggon now going out.

The above stores were sent by Major Murfree. The following are forwarded from this place by order of Col. Long.


1 Barrel Wine for the use of General Sumner & Officers, 5½ inches ullage, 19¼ lbs steel.
400 cartouch boxes fixed out for use.
40 canteens ditto.
2 Reams coarse writing paper. John Tillery.
5 Dozen sail needles.
2 shirts and two pairs overalls for Lem Thomas.
2 ditto & 2 ditto for Reuben Smith.
J. P.