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Colonial and State Records of North Carolina
Letter from Jethro Sumner
Sumner, Jethro, 1733?-1785
Volume 15, Page 501


Probably in 1781, after June.

As early as possible after I recd. Genl. Greene's instructions for mak'g the Arrangmts. of the Continental line of this State, I met those officers in the State, that could convene at Halifax 23rd Jany. 81, but the difficulty attendg. our mak'g the formation at this time, was the dates of the officers commissions who were in Captivity, could not be procured, However, we formed a Temporary arrangmt. of the officers present to receive the four Regimts. order'd to be raised by the States. Since the arrival of the officers who were in Captivity, we have been as expedissous as desirous. In making this Arrangement of the line of officers, several meet'g of the officers at Head Quarters and in this State, they have Arranged the Line fair, and I believe without doing wrong to any Officers rank. Col. James Armstrong, Col. Gideon Lamb, Lt. Col. James Thackston, Lt. Col. Wm. Lee Davidson, Capt. Micajah Lewis, and Capt. Francis Childs, resigned to be recommended by the board of Officers at Halifax to Congress to permit them to retire on half pay. Lieut. Col. Wm. Lee Davidson, Colo. Gideon Lamb, and Capt. Micajah Lewis are since dead, the sentimts. of the Honble. the General Assembly respecting Col. Armstrong, Lt. Col. Thackston, and Capt. Francis Childs is submitted.